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Hi there!

Episode 108: Canon R5 II - EARLY Leaked Specs
What might the next iteration of the R5 look like?

Episode 107: Florida Bird Photography Day 3 and 4
Join me on my annual trip to Florida to photograph birds.

Episode 106: Florida Bird Photography Day 1 and 2
Join me on my annual trip to Florida to photograph birds.

Episode 105: Canon EOS R6 II Officially Announced
The Canon EOS R6 II was officially announced by Canon. Check out my thoughts.

Episode 104: Sony A7R V Officially Announced
The Sony alpha 7 R V has been officially announced by Sony. Hear my thoughts...

Episode 103: Popular Images vs. Creative Images
Do creative images get as much attention as popular images?

Episode 102: Catching up on the News
The Sony A7R V leaked specifications!

Episode 101: Telling the Story (Cataloochee II)

Episode 100: It's Been a Fun Ride so Far!
This is a celebration episode of making it to 100!

Episode 99: Yearly Trip to Cataloochee
In this episode, I talk about Cataloochee, how to photograph elk and what things to look for when making images.

Episode 98: Catching Up on the News
In this episode, I explore the latest news from the big manufacturers.

Episode 97: Sony FE 1.4x Teleconverter Review
What is a teleconverter, how is it used and just how good is the Sony FE 1.4x TC?

Episode 96: Top 5 Wildlife Photography Tips
In this episode, I talk about 5 of the most important aspects of being a wildlife photographer.

Episode 95: Catching up on the News
An episode dedicated to some of the more important news going on this month.

Episode 94
A lens made in 2000; still a gem?

Episode 93
Full Review of the Sony FE 200-600mm Lens!

Episode 92
Are you stuck in a rut?

Episode 91
A beautiful and unexpected surprise!

Episode 90
Is Instagram Dying?

Episode 89
Sony a9, why now?

Episode 88
Landscape Settings (Sony a7r III)

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